In each package you will receive your  Sole Protector® Lite units and a pair of Traction Pods for each pair of Sole Protector® Lite that you order

Once you open your package, set aside your Traction Pods since those are the last things that we install.

Next Choose the side you’d like to install on and gently separate the Sole Protector® Lite from its backing.

Align the Sole Protector® Lite  with your Shoe’s sole and  press firmly until there’re no loose ends. Repeat the process as needed. Once the film is securely attached to the Sole, you and are ready to install your traction pods.

Remove the traction Pod film from the backing.  Plaice the one shaped like claw over the heel section of your sole. And place the tube shaped pod on the upper portion of your shoe’s sole right about where the ball of your feet would be . And that’s it we recommend that you let the material settle for at least 24 hours before wearing your shoes. Enjoy your kicks and #keepyoursoleclean!

Thank you all for your patience and support over the years and enjoy your new easy pre-cut. Please also check out our latest install video to learn how easy it is to install SP LITE on your new Yeezys and all of the shoe models that we support.  Keep Your Sole Clean!