Air Jordan 5 And 6 Installation

The three steps involved in the process are:

1: Aligning the material

2: Molding the material

3: Inspecting and securing the material


For prep you simply want to do a few things:

Clean the sole with warm water and soap or a microfiber towel
Wipe the sole dry – the cleaner and drier the surface the better SP Plus+ will stick..
Have your SP Plus+ ready..
Find a good place to do the install – even, flat surfaces work well..
Set the shoe firmly in place to minimize unnecessary movements..


It’s really as easy as 1-2-3 on soles that have simple and straightforward designs..

Take your time and pick up the material from both ends and place it on the shoe.
Once you have it set – press firmly and mold the material into the grooves and sides.
Inspect and make sure all the material is secure against the sole. Go around the edges a final time to make sure they are sealed around the entire sole.
Check out your results..


-We like to let units sit over night to get the best seal

-We also like to test at home or at the office to make sure nothing was missed or loose after install.. if you find loose material simply re-seal and let it sit.

Things to remember

The material will be sticky but don’t be afraid to reposition it to your liking…
There’s no need to rush – worse case just start over, the glue isn’t going anywhere
If the material is a bit stiffer than you would like – a little heat will help.. Please refer to our “Working With SP Plus+ And Heat” guide for more instructions..

Install Example with 2020 Nike Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red”

Install Example with 2020 Nike Air Jordan 5 “Top 3”

Install Example with 2020 Nike Air Jordan 6 “DMP”

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