Extreme Protection!

Day In The Life!

Regular SP Vs SP+

  • Regular SP is easy to install
  • Heat IS required for ALL installs (Heat Gun)
  • Protects Against Yellowing
  • Clear So It Makes Soles Look Even Icier!
  • Recommend for light wear or if you just want to protect icy soles from yellowing
  • Keeps Your Soles Clean
  • SP Plus+ is very easy to install
  • Heat makes the install easier and can be done with a high heat hair dryer or heat gun
  • Built in traction and more durable
  • Protects Against Yellowing
  • Recommend for heavy wear. If you wear your sneakers often you will want the added traction and durability
  • Keeps Your Soles Clean!


Pre-cuts are precision cut to fit a particular shoe model and sole size. 

Customs place the power in your hands. They are designed to be easily cut with a sharp pair of scissors to give you the amount of coverage you want.

Sole Protector™ For Jordan 11 In Action