Air Jordan 11 Prom Night 378037-005 Release Info

As the full article mentions (read below), this release is a wish come true for many sneakerheads. Along similar lines, confirmation of another  prototype turned production model could be the second point in what is hopefully a trend – starting with last year’s mega holiday release, the Nike Air Jordan 11 ” Win Like ’96.” For collectors, timing is on your side as the highly anticipated re-release of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is also expected this year. Only a “pack” including both of these would ring slightly superior. Check out the details and pics below via Sneaker Bar Detroit and @pinoee77

What Does It Cost To Be Big On Instagram?

“It’s so fucking cold I’m going to freeze.” It was mid-January and 30 degrees outside, but getting the perfect ’gram is a year-round endeavor. So Mary Gui, a 28-year-old former advertising exec turned fashion blogger and Instagram “influencer,” who goes by @layersofchicblog, was wearing a sheer black dress for an outdoor photo shoot near the…

MAGIC STICK & Nike’s Air Force 1 “VIP” Gets a Release Date

After a MAGIC STICK x Nike Air Force 1 surfaced at Paris Fashion Week — worn by UNITED ARROWS & SONS director Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi – more details of the sneaker have now emerged. The standout detail of the shoe is the neon yellow Air Force 1 ankle strap, which is designed to look like VIP wristbands given out in nightclubs. The strap is made from the same material — Tyvek — as these wristbands, and even features a snap-hole fastening system.