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Sole Protector Sneaker Protection Guide Banner for Jordan 6 Aqua

Whether you are keeping your new Jordan 6 “Aquas” on ice, gifting them this holiday season or wearing them straight out the box; taking action to preserve them properly will be a big part of keeping them looking and feeling fresh. Luckily, there are steps that can help you protect and preserve not only your new Jordan 6s but pretty much any pair in your sneaker collection. Check out the like below and Keep Your Collection Clean!

Store your sneakers  properly: Keep your sneakers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

Sneaker Closet Example

Keep your kicks fit and in shape: Yes, shoe shape actually matters! Keeping your shoes in shape keeps the material healthy and helps with keeping the proper fit and feel.You can use shoe trees or acid-free tissue paper to help maintain shape.

Clean them regularly: Believe it or not, even new pairs have dirt on them from manufacturing, packing and unfortunately unauthorized handling or use before delivery. Dirt and grime also does not just look bad but can also damage the fabric of your sneakers over time. At minimum, use a soft-bristled brush or a damp cloth to clean them gently. This is also good as preparation for long term storage.

Use Protection: “Prevention is better than cure” can also be applied to sneakers. There are many products available that claim to help protect your sneakers from water, stains, and other damage but it’s important to look for solutions that are made to work with your specific shoe. For example, you should use protective sprays that are specifically designed for the type of material your Jordan 6 Aquas are made of – like Sole Protector®️ is made to protect your sneaker’s sole.

Material And Product Details provided by Nike:

Air Jordan 6 Retro

Price: $200

 MJ wore ’em when he claimed his first championship and you’ll be wearing ’em for—well, whatever you want. Laden with dynamic design lines and those iconic lace locks, these sneakers bring throwback style to any ‘fit. Lace up, and let your kicks do the talking.


  • Genuine and synthetic leather and textile materials provide lightweight structure and support.
  • Nike Air unit in the heel and encapsulated Air unit in the forefoot provide cushioning.
  • Shown: Black/Aquatone/Bright Concord
  • Style: CT8529-004

Rotate your sneakers: We all have our favorite pairs and some have more than others. But if you don’t maintain your sneakers or provide some of its material properties to recover, premature were and tear will almost certainly appear. So try to rotate between different pairs or switch up your style as needed to get the most out of your favorite pairs.

Avoid harsh cleaning methods: We all make mistakes and when something bad comes into contact with your sneakers, it’s natural to overreact. Unfortunately, this is where most people make mistakes that cannot be corrected. People may panic and use harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, over scrub, etc which results in either making the problem worse or destroying the shoe altogether. For those reasons, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean your sneakers, as these can damage the fabric, cause discoloration and ultimately ruin the shoe.

All of these steps are pretty simple and with a little patience could add many many more wears  to each pair in your collection.

Keep Your Sole Clean and use Sole Protector®️ to preserve and protect your entire collection!

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