Here’s an Insanely Futuristic Porsche 618 Electric Motorcycle Concept

SPSS Want to feast your eyes on another insane concept? This one comes from Spanish designer Miguel Angel Bahri as part of his Two Wheels Project, and it’s called the ‘Porsche 618’.

Disclaimer: we’ll just say that this is not an official Porsche project, even though we wish it was. Miguel’s concept for a sports car and sports bike industry crossover is an electric one too, so now your automotive fantasies can join the eco-friendly ranks as well.

Miguel’s original brief was to design a purely electric motorcycle, that could firmly exist within the bounds of reality. The result? A feat of futuristic simplicity, taking key design inspo from Porsche’s iconic 911 Turbo.

If Miguel’s sublime concept became reality, then it would fulfill the demand for an entry-level bike that strikes a delicate balance of sports performance and sensibility, while still echoing the design DNA of the Porsche brand.

via @Highsnobiety