Car Rolls Over After Getting Sideswiped, Classic Human Error


It’s not often the guilty party goes on to post a clip showing how their car

ended up on its side

because they couldn’t be bothered to check the mirrors.

According to the description, this incident occurred at 95 km/h (59 mph), and the driver was alone in the car. He also mentions that following the crash, the airbags didn’t go off, and that the rear spoiler, tailgate and front door had to be straightened and repainted, while the front spoiler needed replacing.

As for what caused the crash, we reckon it’s as obvious as they get. The driver clearly didn’t spot (or didn’t even look in the mirror) that Pathfinder, which was already coming in hot.

The impact

between the two vehicles

doesn’t appear to be too harsh, but that initial jolt may have given the driver of the dashcam car the impression he was about to hit the red car in front (debatable), which in turn made him yank on the steering wheel and the rest is history.

Once the car spun off the road and its wheels hit the ditch,

staying upright

wasn’t really a possibility anymore, not at that speed and that angle of approach.


via @Carscoops