3 tech accessories an Apple Genius recommends to keep your gadgets safe

apple storeMost people who use Apple products are familiar with the Genius Bar, the tech support station located inside all of Apple’s retail stores.

If your iPhone or MacBook is acting up, the magicians (or, Geniuses) who work at the Apple store are usually able to bring your device back to life.

I have a friend who’s an Apple Genius, so I asked him if he’d share his expert advice on how he protects his Apple products with Business Insider — after all, who knows more about how to keep an iPhone safe than the person in charge of fixing broken ones? He agreed, but he requested he remain anonymous.

You can find his recommendations for the best products to protect your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more below. He also shared the reasoning behind his picks to give you a better understanding of why he uses each.

If you’re looking to safe yourself a trip to the Genius Bar, consider taking advice from an Apple Genius on how to protect your tech.

A screen protector


The thing I see the most at the Genius Bar is cracked screens, and because of this, I recommend everyone invests in a strong case.

That said, many people don’t want a case so bulky it makes their phone tough to fit in their pocket. For those people I suggest InvisibleShield — the reliable screen protector could stop a good amount of the cracked screens people bring to us before they occur.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector, $11.06, available at Amazon


A phone case

Lifeproof Instagram

I personally use LifeProof cases. The brand was recommended to me by a friend who was an ex-marine and who currently works for the FDNY, so I figured he would know a thing or two about roughing up a phone.

So far, my LifeProof case has done an excellent job of protecting my iPhone.

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 7, $65.95

A laptop sleeve

Incase Instagram

The magic of the Incase sleeve is that it is lightweight but still keeps your Mac extremely safe. The cushioning of the sleeve helps with all small impacts, like dropping your backpack and walking into doors (it happens more than you might think).

They also have plenty of colors so you can match your style.

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